5.850" sbc connecting rod

The Small Block Chevy has arguably (hardly) been the most popular platform for performance and racing engine builds for decades. While there's many ways to skin the cat with these builds, a 434-inch setup is a great way to serve performance goals, from track to street. K1's latest 5.850" SBC connecting rod is ready to deliver reliable horsepower for seasons to come.

K1 Technologies' H-beam, 5.850" length connecting rods for Small Block Chevy engines are manufactured from 4340 steel and held to precise tolerances. The forged material provides strength reliability through better aligned alloy grain flow and a shot peening surface treatment helps reduce stress risers to further improve service life. As with all K1 connecting rods, highly reputable ARP 2000 series fasteners are included.

These 5.850" SBC connecting rods are designed for 434-inch Small Block Chevy builds utilizing a 4.000" or 3.750" stroke and taller compression height pistons, giving customers more options to run the high-strength pistons that fit their specific build goals. The complete 8-cylinder set is available via the part number below.

Part Number Description
012AD25585 K1 Connecting Rod Set - Small Block Chevy 5.850"

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