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  1. USA-Made Connecting Rod Bushings Now Available from K1

    K1 Technologies connecting rod bushings

    Already equipped in K1 connecting rods standard, small end rod bushings are now available in universal and engine specific sizes. 

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  2. How to Check Crankshaft End Play

    How to Check Crankshaft End Play

    Checking and setting proper crankshaft end play is a vital engine-building step. We show you how to do the job in this tech segment. 

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  3. How to Check Bearing Clearances

    How to Check Bearing Clearances

    Verifying and adjusting bearing clearance is one of the most critical aspects of building an engine. In this segment, we dive into the mechanics of how to measure your crank, connecting rods, and bearings. 

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  4. What is a Narrow Bearing?

    What is a Narrow Bearing?

    Engine building is all about the details, and choosing the right set of engine bearings to match your crankshaft is an important one! Inside we investigate what a narrow bearing is and when you should use them. 

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  5. What is Deck Height? How to Calculate and What it Means

    deck height defined

    Deck height is a vital engine measurement that dictates rod length, crankshaft stroke, piston-to-head clearance, and so much more. Here, we define deck height, how to measure it, and its impact on your next engine build. 

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  6. Tips to Know Before You Build a Chevy Stroker Engine

    Chevy Stroker K1

    Planning a stroker build? Here are a few things you should know before you get started.

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  7. Moto IQ Shows You How to Build a Coyote Engine for Any Budget!

    Coyote engine build

    Our friends at Moto IQ show you how to build a Coyote engine within your budget! 

    Fords Coyote engine, a 32v, 5.0L mill found under the hoods of Mustangs and F150s alike, has proven itself time and time again as a power dense, and highly swappable platform. Our friends at Moto IQ take a walk through the Coyote lineage, production variants, and build options to give you a game plan to build a Coyote engine to meet your power and budget requirements. 

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  8. Which LS Connecting Rod is Right for My Build: 6.098in vs 6.125in

    Which LS Connecting Rod is Right for My Build: 6.098in vs 6.125in

    Small changes offer big benefits when it comes to selecting aftermarket rods for your next Chevy LS engine build. Here’s a look at how rod length affects the performance and durability of an engine - and you thought you’d never use that Geometry you learned in high school!

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  9. Stroker Science: Piston Speed, Rod Angle, and Increased Displacement Explained.

    K1 Crankshaft Stroke

    An intense look at crankshaft stroke and its affect on mean piston speed, inertia, and controlling the massive, destructive forces at work inside an engine.

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