K1 Technologies' New Forged LS7-Style Crankshaft

K1 Technology's new, LS7-style crankshaft is the perfect solution to those desiring more displacement and factory dry-sump oiling capability.  

K1's LS7 crankshaft features straight shot oiling on the journals, which are machined to +/- 0.0001-inch.

K1’s 4.00-inch stroke, LS7-replacement crankshaft takes Chevrolet's OEM design to the next level. It features an extended snout, to accommodate factory LS7 dry-sump oiling and will be offered with or without reluctor wheels. Based on a 4340-steel forging, strength is further bolstered by large-radius fillets on the main and rod journals which eliminate stress in critical areas.

  • Aerodynamically profiled counterweights for improved windage efficiency.
  • Gas nitrided rod and main journals for exceptional hardness and durability.
  • Large-fillet radii on journal edges to reduce stress and increase strength.
  • Journals machined to exacting roundness accuracy of +/- 0.0001-inch.
  • Offered with or without reluctor wheels
  • Straight oilers improve lubrication to bearings.
  • Inventory ready to ship.
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