Meet Dan Parker, America's Fastest Blind Racer

Dan Parker is living proof you can't keep a good man down. After loosing his sight in a racing accident, dan got back on the horse–Corvette in this instance– and achieved the impossible, becoming the fastest blind man in America.

“A dream changed my life forever,” Dan Parker recalls. “I went to bed thinking about my late brother – he had told me about a group of guys from France who had flown to the United States with a disassembled 50cc motorcycle in their luggage. They rented a car and drove to Bonneville, put the bike together, and each one set a different record with it. And when I fell asleep, I dreamt that I could race again – that I could become the first blind man to race at the Bonneville Salt Flats.”

Dan’s record-setting steed is this 2008 Corvette. With a custom GPS guidance system, a 427-cube LS3 with Wiseco and K1 Technologies hardware under the hood, and no shortage of aero and suspension tweaks, it’s a machine that’s purpose-built to ensure that Dan can safely embark on these high-speed blasts.

While testing out a new engine combination in March of 2012, Parker was involved in a horrific crash that would completely

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